We are the example on how a dedicated team decided to face all minting adversities to demonstrate commitment towards the community. After different problems with the mint, we decided to launch for free and co-create and build with our community the way forward for all of us. Don’t you want to take part of it?




24K Gorilla Club 

The 24k Gorillas form a deflationary Club of 2,424 hand-drawn gorillas that are having fun in the Solanian jungle. After their survival from extinction, calm won't last for long: the Villains are coming. Rescue missions, faction games, battles, and more with $LFGOLD at stake. Our mission: community, fun, profit.


The 5 faction leaders are most exclusive NFTs in the collection. Each one of them has been a 1/1 development from our great artist and entangle a special power and responsibility provided by their gemstone. Moreover, each of them has royalties for the faction they lead.


Special characters are also 1/1 developments from or artist that have been chosen by the community. These also have special perks such as the possibility to animate the NFT.



The Villains are about to arrive to the SOLanian jungle to threat the peace in the club. They will try to kill Gen-1 gorillas, steal their benefits, and make the dark side of the club appealing to join. Beware of our bad boys.
This is a limited collection of 600 NFTs with three different classes, each of them having special and unique utilities: Necromancers (100), Thiefs (200), and Warriors (300).




$LFGOLD is a utility token that is earned by holding Gen-1 NFT and participating in community contests and games. You can earn extra token through multipliers depending on rarities, specific attributes and ranks of the Gen-1 gorillas.
With the token you can purchase ticket raffles to win NFT from other Bluechip collections, buy WL spots, animate your gorillas and many other things.



We are a team of six supported by different collaborators: 


An avid and creative artist who has the ability to grab a pen and draw all of your thoughts.


Engineer and Python expert who has been deep diving and studying the crypto and NFT worlds. The day he changed “.eth” for “.sol” changed his life. 


Kind and honest, he has deep crypto (4 years) and NFT trading (2 year) experience. Our Discord and partnerships master.


Confident person with an insane commercial ability to engage with people. Give him a rock and he will sell it as a diamond. Former entrepreneur with 1 years of NFT trading experience, complemented by a strong influencer network.


The guy who boosts the community and we call him fire. He never sees problems, he just gets on with it and gets things done. Previous entrepreneur with 1 year of NFT trading experience.


Project management master and strategist. Former digital entrepreneur and carbon footprint consultant.